Silva Life System

the silva life systemAuthors: Jose Silva, Laura Silva

It started way back in 1953. While rock and roll was gaining ground and poodle skirts were in style, Jose Silva was preoccupied with his 10 children. Like any awesome parent, he wanted the best for his kids. But he didn’t stop at reading, arithmetic, and writing. He expanded his children’s studies to include hypnosis, mind exercises, and meditation all based upon scientific research.

The results were incredible. Not only did his children become the top students in their respective classes, but they also exhibited powerful intuitive skills far beyond what he expected. Since those humble beginnings, Jose Silva has taken his techniques and exercises to every corner of earth, in a personal mission to help everybody achieve their greatest potential and open up their minds to so much more than conventional thinking and education.

Over the past 5 decades, countless successes and breakthroughs have resulted from the Silva Method. As of 2010, there have been over 6-million Silva graduates in 110 countries who have increased their happiness, wealth, health, personal wellbeing, intuition, and creativity.

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