Silva Intuition System

silva intuition systemAuthors: Jose Silva, Laura Silva

The Silva Intuition System is a powerful program designed to heighten your intuition in order to make the right decisions, follow your destiny and passions, and bring out your inner compass. While conventional science will have us believe that we are limited to the 5 senses, there is one sense that has been left hidden for many people and that is your intuition. It is your most powerful and precious sense.

Based on mind training and Theta-level programming, the Silva Intuition System works deep beneath your consciousness for fast and effective transformation. All humans are born with innate extrasensory perception but as we age, we forget to use it. But despite this setback, our intuition never leaves us. It simply needs to be awaken.silva intuition system

Within this program you will find some of the most famous core exercises the Silva Institute has to offer, such as the Holo-Viewing Technique,  the Mirror of the Mind Technique, and the 5-step Projection Exercise for healing. The Silva Intuition System will help you release your psychic abilities so that you can live a 6-sense life again.

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