Project Tapping by Carol Look

project tappingProject Taping by Carol Look is a transformational home toolkit that empowers anyone to overcome any fear and release the emotional and mental blocks to health, happiness and success. It is a dynamic, unique combination of Tapping and classical psychology that will unleash your inner greatness!


Tapping is a technique of stimulating the body’s Meridian points to unblock life energy, while speaking specific affirmations with the intent of reprogramming the mind. Practitioners report greater clarity, intuition, confidence, creativity and release of mental and emotional blocks to prosperity and happiness. Tapping is a perfect complement to meditation, visualization and all personal growth tools and programs.


The Meridian points addressed in Tapping are the same points stimulated by acupuncture and other healing modalities. According to ancient Chinese medicine, there are 20 meridian points spread throughout the body. The body’s life energy flows through these points – but these can be blocked by fears and negative emotions. These energy blockages manifest in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual troubles.


Project Taping addresses these common yet hidden subconscious fears:

1. Fear of success

2. Fear of failure

3. Fear of change

4. Fear of losing your identity

5. Fear of not being worthy.


Carol Look uses a holistic 5-step approach to releasing these fears and empowering you to create new, fearless neural pathways in the brain – pathways to success.


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