finermindsHosted by Vishen Lakhiani, one of the founders of Mindvalley, FinerMinds is your go to source for everything personal growth and spirituality. The community is a vibrant mix of everything from astral projection to remote viewing to meditation to tantric sex. It’s a piece of the web that offers fresh reprieve from daily stress, media nonsense, and newspaper negativity.

FinerMinds currently has 263,000 subscribers in the community who actively participate through comments, on Facebook, and via Twitter. Signing up is free and we encourage you to join FinerMinds. Not only will it be your daily dose of personal growth, but a constant source of inspiration, motivation, and happiness.

FinerMinds also has one of the most active Facebook communities with over 18,000 people growing, sharing, and connecting from all areas of the planet every day. However, we also take it offline. Vishen, along with the team, frequently host FinerMinds Meet-Ups where community members get together and mingle over drinks, music, and a common love of personal growth.

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