awesomenessfestAwesomenessFest is an event where people passionate about personal growth, spirituality, and changing the world come together to connect, support one another, and grow themselves.

The first AwesomenessFest was held in the sunny island of Costa Rica where personal growth greats such as Sean Stephenson, David Morelli, Lisa Nichols, Laura Silva, and Srikumar Rao shared their knowledge and wisdom with almost 200 people.

This is certainly not your mother’s personal growth seminar, however.

It’s filled with parties, music, and young, vibrant people with a passion so powerful you can feel the energy a mile away. The 3 themes delegates will focus on are vision, self-mastery, and connections. Combined, the first two aspects will uplift you to attain the right mindset to achieve your beautiful, big, bodacious dreams. The third theme being connections will allow you to meet the right people so that you have the right friends and support network to fuel your goals.

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