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We Publish Personal Growth Products.

Groundbreaking, life-changing and sometimes just a little controversial, each and every one of our products is designed to give you a more awesome life by helping you awaken the hidden power of your mind, body and spirit.

silva methodThe Silva Method

By Jose Silva and Laura Silva

1 million books and 12 million customers since 1960, the Silva Method is one of the most transformative training programs in the world. The Silva Method focuses on teaching people how to use more of their minds while engaged in dynamic meditation.


With over 400,000 subscribers, FinerMinds is one of the fastest growing personal growth blog out there. Our weekly newsletter provides hot tips on Awesome living, combined with humor, sprinkles of happiness and hot articles. Sign up on FinerMinds or join our Facebook Group.


The Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit contains a handpicked selection of most powerful and transformational energy tools developed by Intuitive Healer Christie Marie Sheldon. These tools are a quick and effective way to shift your energetic vibrations to higher levels so you become an instant magnet for love, joy and abundance.


Welcome to the happiest place on the internet, GratitudeLog is like the Twitter of personal growth. It’s where people can express gratitude on a daily basis. You can also give a gift to a friend, appreciate someone, form Gratitude groups or just be plain thankful for how awesome you are.

Awesomeness Fest

Think TED Talks, Woodstock, bonding and parties and a whole lotta learning and growing. This is an event that will change your life. For 3 days, transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, and other cool folks meet in Costa Rica to learn the hottest ideas in personal growth, up their game and bump their lives to the next level.

Quantum JumpingQuantum Jumping

By Burt Goldman

Quantum Jumping is a meditation-based technique sourcing ideas, skills, and inspiration. Inspiration, we believe, is something that can be channeled at will with the right technique. Founded by the American Monk, Burt Goldman, Quantum Jumping is one of our hottest selling products and has a raving fan community.

Astral Projection

By Steve G. Jones

Astral Projection is one of the most powerful and life-transforming spiritual experiences. From world renowned hypnotist, Steve G Jones comes the most complete astral projection program in the world. Powered by Titanium Audio and HypnoTranquility binaural recordings.

One Universal Mind

By Gerald O’Donnell

Based on the philosophy of Gerald O’Donnell, One Universal Mind is a meditation and remote viewing program designed to teach practitioners how to use more of their mind by connecting to Global Consciousness.

The Science Of Getting Rich

By Bob Proctor

Wealth is a mindset. And one that can be learned. The Science of Getting Rich is a proven method that will let you receive the wealth and abundance you desire by helping you override negative past programming and harnessing the Law of Attraction. Taught by The Secret’s Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith, and Jack Canfield.

The American Monk

Burt Goldman a.k.a. The American Monk is a diamond mine of life-changing techniques, breakthrough meditations, and 83 years of experience, teaching, and mastery. Whatever your needs, Burt will give you the wisdom to make massive impact in your life.

The 11 Forgotten Laws

By Bob Proctor

A concise and complete system that has been specially formulated to give you accelerated and permanent success. Within these lessons, you’ll discover the other 11 laws that The Secret did not reveal and turn the Law of Attraction into a lifestyle. By Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey.

Living at Cause

Sean Stephenson, the 3-foot giant, shows you how to take back control of your life with a simple yet powerful formula that’ll ensure your relationships, wealth, career, and health are in optimum state. Born with bones as brittle as glass, and confined to a wheel-chair, he’s an inspiration to all and a prime example that anyone, despite the cards life dealt them, can create a life that’s truly amazing.


After extensive research and testing, Mindvalley along with world-class consciousness engineers created Omharmonics – an audio meditation product that takes your practice to new heights. Powered by innovations like super-binaural beats, heart rate and breathing alignment technology, this program will help you clear your mind and silence that mental chatter. You’ll enter a deep, Zen Monk-like meditation in just minutes.