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Post 1 – Lauren vs Diane

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Are you a Lauren or Diane? Do you unconsciously attract abundance or reject it? This vid’s spreading like wildfire. Check it out

Sometimes you’ll see something or hear something that just shifts your entire life into perspective. If you’re up for one of those A-HA moments then you need to check out this viral vid. Find out whether you’re a Lauren or a Diane – and whether you’re unconsciously attracting abundance or REJECTING it.


Post 2 – Coming Soon!

Post 2 – Behind The Scenes


Does energy clearing really work? What does it look like? You won’t believe what happens in this behind-the-scenes vid

“Everything is energy” – some people believe it and some don’t. So does energy clearing really work? What does it look like and what happens to the people who do it? You won’t believe your eyes when you watch this behind-the-scenes vid of a genuine energy clearing session


Post 3 – Event Opt In


Not your everyday online event! Join thousands worldwide in an energy clearing session with energetic coach Christie Marie Sheldon

Couldn’t wait to tell you about this. My friend Christie Marie Sheldon is hosting an energy clearing session for thousands worldwide – and yes, YOU’re invited! Experience Christie’s gift as she taps into your energetic field and removes a hidden “Abundance Block” from deep inside you. See you there?


Post 4 – Event Opt In Reminder


XXX participants and counting! Christie Marie Sheldon’s energy clearing session is making huge waves. Book your FREE spot ASAP.

Okay so this is getting a little out of hand. We’ve got over XXX participants worldwide signed up for Christie Marie Sheldon’s free energy clearing session for removing your Abundance Blocks. I’ve been told “weird” things can happen when you group this much energy together. So RSVP for your free spot – and expect the unexpected :-)