Mindvalley struts into the ClickBank World…

Here’s to you, affiliate marketer…

Yes, you. As the Internet develops into fabulous and exciting new ways to look at cats, you are the ones who keep the real show going. You tell us how to clean our house, how to keep our spouses happy and how to develop cheese grater like abs in no less than 10 weeks. You hold families together, you cross borders – you are the heroes the Internet needs. Nay, deserves.

And how are you treated? What do you get in return for your hours of upselling, copywriting, emailing and engagement? You get websites that look like they’ve been beaten so badly by the ugly stick that their

own mothers would reject them. Products so un-inspirational that you would sooner chew through your own wrists than have to use them yourself. Marketing campaigns so bad that its timeline and execution can be linked to increased suicide rates. But do not lament friend, for you have made it through the Internet marketing bad times, and a new golden age is just around the corner.

For you see, you weren’t born just any affiliate marketer. Oh no. You’re a ClickBank affiliate marketer. You fight bears. You walk away from explosions in slow motion. You are the big, swinging testicular fortitude of the affiliate marketing world. And now – now you’re going to get what you deserve.

Do you want to be a part of a $70 billion industry? You bet your sweet plums you do. So listen up champ, because have we got something for you.

We’re Mindvalley, and we like to think we’re ‘probably’ better than 99% of the rest of the personal growth pushers. Why? Because we don’t do things by half. We publish only the hottest authors, make the best-looking websites and create the most engaging emails for our lists. Imagine if Jack Bauer and The Dalai Lama started their own company and hired the best marketing minds available. BOOM! Mindvalley.

But we don’t just promote lovey-dovey states of mind and rental space in nirvana. No sir. Over the coming months we’re going to expand into exciting new areas such as golf, weight-loss and badger-baiting.

But hey, don’t listen to me! Read this instead!

7 Reasons To Dance With Mindvalley

1. You CAN have nice things.

As an affiliate marketer, you only want to offer high-quality products. Why? So everyone can have nice things! So how do we define ‘high-quality’? With a little something called the ‘Ultimate Question’.

For every Mindvalley product we ask our customers what Fred Reichheld called the ‘Ultimate Question’: “On a scale of 1-to-10, how likely are you to recommend this product to your family, friends and neighbors?” Any product that scores less than an 8 is met with extreme violence and killed with fire. Fred didn’t suggest that last part, but we thought we would expand upon the theory.

2. Dollar dollar bill’s y’all!

We know what it’s like buddy. The rent is coming up, the missus needs a night out and a few months back someone signed you up to one of those Goats-For-Africa things that you can’t pull out of without looking like a major jerk. You need to be paid in full and on time. We’ve got a track record of success and pay our affiliates an industry first 50% on all products and up-sells.

We also believe that the best affiliates deserve the best rates, so the more you promote us, the more we scale your commission, the more goats you can attain.

3. Staffed by shiny, happy people.

To date, there hasn’t been a single instance of Mindvalley workers forming a gang and mercilessly thrashing a customer in front of their family. That, we believe, is bad customer service – if even a service at all.

No, we operate a bit differently here at Mindvalley. Every product has a dedicated customer support person, and our customer support team speaks over 20 different languages. Which is a bit overkill really. We’ve never had anyone order from Sudan, but as soon as they do our man Thabit is ready and waiting. That’s how prepared we are.

Our customer service team—in fact, the entire Mindvalley team—takes an Oath of Awesomeness that includes a commitment to turning customers into raving fans. It’s like a cult, but with rainbows and glitter rather than robes and court cases.

And it’s not just customers we don’t savagely beat with our fists. Our Mindvalley Engage CEO Veena has a team of some of the most responsive and great marketing minds ever assembled in the personal growth field to help out all of our affiliate marketers. Plus, they’re stunning.

4. More technology than Batman.

We didn’t become the hottest name in digital publishing by having a 100% success rate in our product launches. Well, actually we did…but there’s a whole bunch of reasons for that.

We carefully test, refine and adapt to our products to ensure your subscribers get great value time and time again. Any employee that fails to carefully test, refine or adapt to our high standards is forced to spend a day in the ‘Room of Shame’, where they are reminded in great detail of every mistake or stupid comment they have made from childhood, right up to the present day! Those whose spirits we don’t break go on to launch some of the biggest programs in the personal growth industry, such as the Silva Life System, Quantum Jumping, Chakra Healing and our initial ClickBank offering – Unlimited Abundance.

5. We have fancy copywriters. The type who wear belts.

Sometime ago we realized that our policy of chaining monkeys to typewriters was not sustainable. Whilst the copy was fairly decent, the mess simply became too much and the laws on animal labor changed. But it’s okay, because now we have no less than THREE professional copywriters for a fraction of the price those monkeys cost us. They write great copy, neck-breaking emails and can even fit into our old monkey cages meaning nothing goes to waste. Think responsible, people.

6. Win some really nice stuff!

We are well aware that some affiliate marketing campaigns can lean a little toward the lame side, and if anything end up with you becoming more tied up with your work. A bit like winning a pie eating competition, only to discover the first prize is more pies.

So because we’re awesome, and to celebrate the start of our partnership with ClickBank (but mostly because we’re awesome), we are going to be giving away prizes for the Top 10 selling affiliates of our inaugural product – Unlimited Abundance.

Grand Prize

Worth $7,000 – your choice between Awesomeness Fest tickets for 2 and $3,000 spending money OR an 8-day Caribbean cruise for 2 with $1,000 spending money OR a 12-day trip for 2 into the Amazon rainforest OR price equivalent.

Other prizes up for grabs include:

Second Place

Worth $5,000 – your choice between Awesomeness Fest tickets for 2 and $1,000 spending money OR a 5-day cruise for 2 in the Bahamas with $1,000 spending money OR 2 Virgin Pacific return tickets to a destination of your choice OR price equivalent.

Third Place

Worth $3,000 – your choice between Awesomeness Fest ticket for 1 and $1,000 spending money OR a 4-day cruise for 2 in Baja, Mexico and $1,000 spending money OR Virgin Pacific return tickets to a destination of your choice OR price equivalent.

Fourth & Fifth Place

11’ MacBook Air OR $1,000 worth of Amazon vouchers OR price equivalent.

Sixth to Tenth Place

$500 worth of Amazon vouchers OR price equivalent.

Every Other Place

A free blast of positive healing energy – regardless of your location!

But there is also much more up for grabs. We will be giving away random spot prizes and other incentives over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for emails from us telling you if you’ve won. Either that, or emails telling you how good you look today. One of the two.

7. Delicious, tasty knowledge via Mindvalley Insights.

Previously, the only way a man could learn new information and acquire new skills was by eating the head of a smarter man. This stems from thousands of years ago, when we all lived in separate caves and barely interacted with other tribes. But whenever we did make contact with a new tribe, we would be faced with the opportunity to learn a new culture and a new way of life. So we’d kill that tribe and eat their brains to absorb their knowledge. Well those days are gone my friend.

We are one of the first companies in the world to open source our marketing and share it with our affiliates. Why? Because we believe in blurring the borders between how we and our affiliates work – and that you shouldn’t have to eat brains for wisdom. We don’t only want to give you the best tools to do your job, but we can help educate you and develop your skills to create great campaigns to grow your business as well.

Here’s Veena to tell you a bit more about Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance ClickBank launch. She’s a lot more professional than our copywriters.

Unlimited Abundance launches on ClickBank June 22nd

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