Kaileen Sherk

Kaileen Sherk

Director of Product Development

Kaileen Sherk is the genius behind transformative products in personal growth and development. She combines her 20+ years of personal growth exploration, teaching, and coaching with a deep understanding of how the human mind functions, to create the most dynamic and life changing content available on the market.

So, what happens when you put Kaileen in a recording studio with an author or coach? The result is a fusion of new ideas, cutting edge processes, inspiration, motivation, and the hot sexy cool of the future.

Kaileen is a teacher. But who cares about being serious? Her light, fun, and adventurous spirit is part of creating excitement in personal growth. Forget about the old world of crusty old gurus. Kaileen forges relationships with the hottest, sexiest and coolest personal growth teachers to bring out their very best. She directs, produces, and coaches authors through her proprietary product development process and demands the excellence of the Mindvalley Seal/standard in every author she works with.

Her journey began early with natural gift for energy healing at the age of eight. She has studied the theater arts, sociology, world religions and graduated from University with a mission to help every author and thought-leader communicate more effectively with their audience. Kaileen taught NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Reiki for many years and uses her deep understanding of people and their deeper unconscious processing to develop the most provocative and transformative lessons and programs out there. She is a true liaison to the world of personal growth and the broader global audience.

Having grown up on a little hippie farm with big spiritual ideas primed her to be an incredible translator for transformational ideas. That is why Kaileen is a popular host for personal growth seminars and gatherings like Awesomness Fest and Quantum Jumping. She has personally taught over 1,000 students, coached and transformed the lives of hundreds of clients, designed coaching programs, corporate leadership training programs, and directed/produced dozens of products.

Kaileen, a true free spirit, loves to travel the world in search of the very best in transformation and connection. One day you might be hanging out with her in San Francisco and the next day she will be skyping you from Malaysia but you can be sure that she will be challenging you to communicate on deeper, more liberating level than before and daring you to live a free, loving, and courageous life.

So be on the look out, because this woman’s superpower is to take the standard of personal growth to a new level and she’s looking for the best way to provide marketing and business support to all the healers, coaches, and transformational leaders of tomorrow.