Justyna Jastrzebska


Justyna Jastrzebska

Co-Founder of Mindvalley Poland, Mindvalley Senior Partner, Product Launcher, and brainchild behind Mindvalley’s marketing success

A native of Poland, Justyna leads as one of Mindvalley’s entrepreneurial marketing experts in the arena of psychological and content marketing.

This email marketing maestro boasts a Master’s degree in Marketing and is responsible for launching three successful businesses in less than a year with more than $3M in revenue. Further recognized for creating a marketing model for niche product lines such as the “Bloodhound Model”, Justyna has managed to capitalize on her savvy marketing knowledge and expert optimization to earn more than $15M profit in online properties alone.

Justyna leads an accomplished student of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and a team responsible for more than 70% revenue of Mindvalley as well business automation for products start to finish. This transcribes to creating high-convering launch pages, email funneling, and set-up of promotional pages for affiliates.

Drawing inspiration from books as Eugene Schwart’z Breakthrough Advertising and Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Justyna’s expertise in website optimization and eye for marketing psychology propels her as one of the single most important leaders in business automation.

Justyna is an avid traveler enthusiast and prefers escapes to New Zealand where she can be found deep-sea diving and creating jewelry in her spare time.