Juan Martitegui

Juan Martitegui

Co-Founder, Mindvalley Hispano

Made in Argentina, Juan joined Mindvalley in 2008.

His “salesmanship” and marketing mindset plus the growth and scaling strategies he picked up at larger corporations he worked for (including IBM, Telefonica and others) allowed him to quickly rise to the ranks of COO.

While helping grow and structure Mindvalley in 2009 and 2010, Juan decided to try a little experiment in the Hispanic Market.

That ‘little’ experiment, Mindvalley Hispano is now one of the biggest digital Personal Growth publishers in the Hispanic Market with over half a million subscribers and 7 figures in revenue. Yet Juan and his team are just getting started.

When he’s not reading books on business or human phycology to implement in his business, Juan is an avid sportmans. Paragliding, diving and triathlons are his favourite ways of pushing his body to the limit. Recently he also completed two grueling Ironman competitions.

Want to tap his brain? He doesn’t drink alcohol but will do almost anything for a Diet Coke and a Vegan Burrito :)