Amir Ahmad

Amir Ahmad

Co-founder, Mindvalley Arabic

An entrepreneurial activist and philosophical trailblazer at heart, born in Khartoum and raised in Qatar, Amir began his journey in the digital domain in early 2006 when he launched and led online initiatives advocating democratic ideals.

In 2007, he joined Mindvalley and within a short period, went from resident SEO specialist to becoming the youngest online business manager at the time running the niche domination publishing division.

By 2010, Amir left Mindvalley to focus on his advocacy and writing, and since then he’s shared the stage as a speaker with former presidents and Nobel Peace Laureates.

He’s also been invited to speak, participate and coach at various international social media conferences and workshops, some of which were co-organized by acclaimed global initiatives launched at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and by the MIT Civic Media Center. As a result of his work, he’s been featured and quoted by various mainstream media outlets including The New Yorker, USA Today, the BBC, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera English TV, amongst others

After the revolutions that swept the Arab world in 2011, Amir immediately recognized the importance of helping develop the region’s hot e-commerce scene and spreading self-empowerment online education in the realms of entrepreneurship, career growth and wellness. So when the opportunity came, Amir teamed up with Mindvalley, and the vision for Mindvalley Arabic was born.

When he’s not busy being a digital influence junkie, Amir enjoys eating hummus and falafel, strumming Bob Marley tunes on his three guitars, and getting a good workout at the gym. :)

Video Below: Amir speaking at the Oslo Freedom Forum alongside Libyan blogger, Ghazi Gheblawi, Tunisian digital activist, Lina Ben Mhenni and Bahraini human rights activist, Maryam al-Khawaja.