Imagine having dinner in one of the world’s tallest buildings.

Dancing and partying from dawn ‘til dusk in Asia’s entertainment capital and treating your taste-buds to what many tourists have described as the most delicious food in the world.

Imagine riding a canoe down a river in an ancient rainforest; looking a lion in the eye in the world’s most unique safari, visiting Chinese temples, Hindu shrines, and towering skyscrapers in a mix of the modern and ancient.

This is your chance to experience one of the most unique countries in the world.

Kuala Lumpur or KL, is a modern city with vibrant nightlife and is a short skip away from the many beautiful islands of the Pacific and South China Seas. AIESEC in Malaysia will pick you up from the airport and handle you accommodations. Get ready for an amazing job, and an equally amazing Asian adventure.

KL is a beautiful city with stunning architecture and the world’s tallest buildings separated by wide stretches of greenery.

The center of KL is an area known as the Golden Triangle. Here you’ll find beautiful buildings and parks, incredibly large shopping centers (the largest has 700 stores in a huge complex), and nightlife that ends at 5am.

The park at KLCC has hotspots and we often work on the grass under the sun, while sipping Frappuccinos from the local Starbucks.

KL doesn’t sleep ‘till 5 or 6am on weekends. Some of KL’s most exciting party spots include the famous Bangsar, which has been called Asia’s Entertainment Capital. In Bangsar you will find 75 bars, restaurants and pubs crammed in a small 3 block area. You’ll find Irish Pubs, Turkish Hookah Bars, Coyote-Ugly style bars, wine-cellars and techno or hip-hop dance clubs. People go from door to door all night dancing, eating and drinking—there are no cover charges. At 2am when the bars close, the streets get filled with hawkers selling every kind of food imaginable and the partygoers sit down for an amazing supper. Malaysian food is amazing—just ask anyone who’s tried it. It’s no wonder we eat 5 times a day!

KL has an interesting mix between the old and new. You’ll visit places like the mysterious Batu Caves, where a 250-step flight of stairs takes you into a large limestone cavern housing a Hindu temple. The site is famous for its 5-legged cows and for the mysterious Thaipusam festival in January where hundred of devotees stick spears through their bodies, go into a trance and march up the steep steps to the temple within the Cave.

In KL you can also visit one of the largest open air bird-parks in the world, the beautiful Islamic Art Museum, exotic Taoist and Buddhist temples.

Another place to visit in KL is the Sunway Lagoon (see picture on right), a large Vegas-style holiday resort with the world’s largest man-made surf pool.

There’s a lot to see and do. Malaysia is host to several cultures and 4 major religions and has been successively ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch, English and Japanese.

Chinese and Indian immigrants also migrated to Malaysia centuries ago to complete the racial and religious mix. Malaysia is now a pluralistic society with 4 major ethnic groups and 4 major religions.

Unlike places like Bali or Hawaii, Malaysia’s islands are still pretty much untouched by tourist. The nature is still wild and the beaches still clean and pure. Wade a few feet into the warm 25ºC waters and you’ll be surrounded by tropical fishes.

One great spot is Tioman Island, once voted by Time Magazine as one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world.

You can stay in a beach hut for $5 a night and spend the days scuba diving and exploring the islands.

The island is so wild and untouched that you’ll find harmless wild monkeys playing outside your hut. Boats from the beach will take you to snorkeling spots a few miles off shore. Here you can swim amidst colorful tropical fish, turtles and exotic coral. The waters are so warm you’ll not want to leave.

Malaysia has thousands of tropical islands which are among the last places on earth easily accessibly by tourist looking to experience the oceans great bio-diversity. Malaysia is a snorkeling and diving paradise because of the calm seas, warm shallow waters, and abundant tropical wild-life.

Another tourist destination is Penang, an island and a state off the coast of Malaysia. Penang is blessed with beautiful beaches and exotic Chinese temples.

You can visit temples containing huge statues of Buddha, a snake temple where the reptiles crawl all over the floor and colorful Hindu temples.

From Penang go down to Malacca, an old city that was used as a trading post by the Portuguese, English and Dutch.

Spend a day in Malacca visiting historical sites, a reptile museum and a Portuguese Village.

Also visit Malacca’s 500 year old Chinese quarters where life seems to have stood still over the centuries and Chinese merchants still sell traditional goods on the street-side.

From Malacca go across the causeway to the city-state of Singapore—where chewing-gum is banned and the streets are immaculately clean.

In Singapore, drink and dine on Boat Quay, a row of clubs and restaurants set in colonial buildings along the banks of the Singapore River.

At night, visit the award-winning Singapore Night Safari, it’s unique because you watch the animals at night when they’re most active. You’ll come face to face with tigers, lion, giraffes, rhinos and more—all in duplicates of their natural habitat and not separated by any bars.

For the adventurous type, we recommend Taman Negara, a 130 million year old rainforest. One of the oldest in the world.

Here you’ll go jungle hiking, ride a canoe down a river and meet jungle people who walk half-naked and carry blow-pipes.

Taman Negara takes several days—but it’s totally worth it.

You can expect all of this, and possibly more in Malaysia.

And that’s just the half of it. Remember, Thailand and Indonesia are just a short flight away. You’ll get to spend weekends in Bali, Phuket, Borneo or even take a slightly longer flight to Australia for a 3-day weekend.

We hope to see you here!

Life at Mindvalley.

The videos below will give you a glimpse into the culture and life you’ll experience while working for Mindvalley in Kuala Lumpur.

The 2007 team retreat on Langkawi Island

We flew the team (and their families) to a paradise island for an all expense paid 3 days of sun, surf, bonding, drinking, games, and strategy meetings.

The 2006 Luna Bar Bash

Each year we book a space at one of the hottest bars in Kuala Lumpur and allow the entire team to invite their friends for a night of networking, fun and intense socializing.