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We’re the most sought-after AIESEC traineeship in the world.

Our founders, Vishen Lakhiani and Mike Reining joined AIESEC at the University of Michigan in 1996. In 1999 they both held records within AIESEC USA. Vishen was the #1 Outgoing SN Raiser and Mike was the #1 Outgoing TN Raiser. It’s not surprising that they decided to team up years later to start a company—and to set a goal to create the #1 Traineeship experience in the world.

Whether you’re applying through AIESEC for a traineeship, or looking to work abroad, here are a couple of things that have made us the most-sought after AIESEC traineeship experience in the world:

  1. Your very own Apple MacBook that you can use at home and at work.
  2. Mentoring sessions with our talented founders Mike and Vishen.
  3. Gain hands-on experience in cutting edge principles in marketing, the web and technology. 3 hours a week of training sessions.
  4. Company sponsored fun. We take our AIESEC employees to 5 star restaurants for dinner, toss annual parties at the hottest lounges and even get them passes for seminars and job-related training events.
  5. Highly international. A 40-person team hailing from 22 countries. 50% of the team have an AIESEC background.
  6. Great compensation. You’ll be compensated at least 20% more than what the average Trainee in Malaysia earns and give you the option to earn further commission based on performance.
  7. Profit sharing within in the company for interns with outstanding performance.
  8. Rapid bonuses, promotions and raises. Long term Interns also get access to a company apartment with swimming pool in one of the trendiest parts of Kuala Lumpur.
  9. Experience the annual Mindvalley island retreat, where we take the entire team on a fully paid work-holiday to a paradise island every year.
The 2007 team retreat on Langkawi Island

We flew the team (and their families) to a paradise island for an all expense paid 3 days of sun, surf, bonding, drinking, games, and strategy meetings.

Because of the number of applicants we get, and the intense amounts of time we invest in training people, we only accept Interns who are willing to work for a minimum of 18-months. Our goal is to provide such an amazing work culture, training experience and competitive benefits so that interns stay as long as possible. 80% of our interns to date have extended their internship past their original ending dates.

“More than I ever expected!”

Nika from Poland, working on recruiting, design and video editing.

“A vibrant young company… I recommend it to anyone.”

David from the UK, working as a writer, marketer and professional blogger.

“Never imagined I’d have such huge responsibilities…”

Katalina from Canada, manages two websites that collectively do USD $1 million in annual sales.

More on Malaysia…

Why did Vishen and Mike move Mindvalley from New York and San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Our head office is in Malaysia for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is one of the hottest economic growth regions in the world. Within a 4 hour flight of Kuala Lumpur, you can access 3 billion people. 90% of our business is in the USA and Europe right now… but we see Asia as a rapidly emerging market.

The other reason is that Malaysia is an incredibly fun country to run a company in. Mindvalley people spend their weekends visiting exotic islands, exploring rain-forests, working on non-profit courses, partying in the bars and clubs of Kuala Lumpur, and visiting amazing tourist destinations like Phuket, Bali, Tioman or Angkor—all within a few hours flight. This is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world—land of perpetual summer and exotic nature.

“Extraordinary people!”

Caroline from Belgium, reporting on her experiences.

“A lot of energy and passion in the office… you can play many different roles within the company.”

Janne from Finland, is a Ruby on Rails developer in charge of building our e-commerce platform to support 750,000 customers.