Laura Silva

laura silvaLaura Silva is the President of Silva International and the daughter of Jose Silva. She was born during the peak of the Silva Method and as such was often a primary research subject of the multitude of tests and mind expansion techniques that were being studied at the time.

She has lent her firsthand experience and passion for personal development to continuing where her father left off. As the President of Silva International, she aggressively pursues new research into the fields of human potential, empowerment, and intuition.

Laura has brought together dozens of top scientists and researchers over the years to study and perfect the Silva Method. Drawing from NLP, hypnosis, spirituality, and meditation, she has helped create new and exciting programs in alternative healing, intuition, and mind mastery.

Laura is an extremely warm person and exudes a loving energy to all who attend a Silva seminar. She’s married and lives in Laredo, Texas where Silva International is located.

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