José Silva

jose silvaJosé Silva is a renown parapsychologist and bestselling author of the Silva Mind Control. Starting with his 10 children, Silva sought to help them become academic geniuses who were also balanced, happy, and motivated. While many parents would resort to extra tuition or more homework, Silva decided to do something extraordinary.

Using mental programming, hypnosis, and various meditation techniques, he not only improved the IQs and academic achievements of his children, but helped them sharpen their intuition far beyond what conventional science could explain.

As a very successful and skilled expert in electronics, radio, and psychology, Silva transformed his knowledge of alpha waves, brain functioning, and psychology into several books and programs, such as the Silva Method. These programs and books would eventually help over 6 million people master their minds, enhance their ESP, and heighten their intuition.

Silva International now continues to teach his methods and further expand upon his research in the fields of human potential. Currently his daughter, Laura Silva, manages Silva International.

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