Gerald O’Donnell

gerald o'donnellGerald O’Donnell is an internationally renown remote viewer who has created powerful programs to bring a once secret skill to the public. He is the founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and is a former Western intelligence agency remote viewer.

For decades, Gerald has been researching, testing, and expanding the field of mind consciousness, mind control, and higher source connection. While this kind of knowledge may seem complicated at first, Gerald has successfully conveyed all of his learnings and techniques into 2 profound programs: The Complete Remote Viewing Training System and the Complete Remote Influencing System. Because of him, thousands have been able to access deep levels of creative energy and rapid manifestation based purely on thought.

While highly spiritual, Gerald’s teachings are also highly practical and have helped people from all walks of life find success, abundance, health, and inner bliss. Those who discover remote viewing under Gerald’s guidance have used it to pick the right stocks, prevent or cure illnesses, and even find love.

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