Burt Goldman

burt goldmanBurt Goldman a.k.a. the American Monk is a world renown meditation expert, healing master, and spiritual coach. Having spent 5 decades studying from the great Yogananda, mind mastery, and human potential, Burt is now one of the foremost authorities on mind control, health, and spirituality.

And even though he’s 83-years young, Burt develops new skills and passions every day. He is also a painter, pianist, photographer, and author. His message is simple. If an octogenarian can do, so can you.

Burt began his ascent into the world of alternative healing and spirituality when he was stationed in Seoul during the Korean war. There he learned about Qi or energy and how one can control it for their benefit. After Korea, Burt was stationed in Hawaii where he met a Kahuna Master who imparted on him ancient wisdom from the island. From there he then studied under the great Paramahansa Yogananda where he discovered yoga and meditation. His learnings grew from there and encompassed hypnosis, subconscious training, healing and acupressure, and other mind techniques.

burt goldmanBurt is also the creator of the international phenomenon known as Quantum Jumping, which incorporates quantum physics and the concept of parallel universes. It’s premise lies in the idea that you can reach into any of these universes and learn from your “double”. It is a method of sourcing new skills, ideas, and solutions from a version of you that has already done all that you want to do. Want to learn how to play the saxophone? Quantum jump into a parallel universe where you can meet a version of yourself who is already an accomplished saxophone player and learn from him or her. It’s as simple as that. Discover Quantum Jumping here »

Burt Goldman continues to learn, grow, and enjoy life. He lives in California with his girlfriend, Marianne.

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