Bob Proctor

bob proctorHands down, Bob Proctor is one of the best motivational speakers in the world and a leading expert on the subject of receiving and keeping wealth.

But even though Bob is highly successful, it wasn’t always this way. His story starts off with a humble beginning. In 1960, he dropped out of high school and was welcomed only by dead-end jobs and debt. Like many people suffering from financial troubles, he knew exactly what the pain of poverty, loss, and limitation felt like.

However, one miraculous book that was placed in his hands changed everything for him. This book was Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Within a year he was making more than $100,000 and soon hit the million-dollar mark! Bob has also been highly influenced by Wallace D. Wattle’s book, The Science of Getting Rich. Along with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield, the three of them have turned that little book into a powerful wealth-attracting program.

Since then, Bob has been spreading the teachings of Napoleon Hill to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. While money is often the main concern of his programs, Bob helps people achieve holistic wealth, ensuring that abundance is present in all aspects of your life.

From Canada to Malaysia, Bob is praised by everybody in the international personal growth movement and for over 40 years, he’s dedicated his life to making sure as many people out there can achieve a lush life of luxury and financial stability.

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