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Meet the world’s best AIESEC job opportunity.

Mindvalley is a proud sponsor of AIESEC, a nonprofit youth organization that helps us source top candidates from universities in over 100 countries. AIESEC ensures that the talent we bring to Malaysia is connected to a rich support network of smart minds working with other AIESEC partner companies which means you enjoy valuable connections and a vibrant social life, even whilst working in Malaysia.

“AIESEC members have consistently been some of the most amazing talent we’ve hired. Out of eight employees who have had their business ideas funded by Mindvalley, five joined us from AIESEC. Out of our senior management team of eleven people, eight of them came from AIESEC . We see AIESEC as being a key partner in the growth of our company.” Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley 

What’s it like to work at Mindvalley?

Imagine collaborating and hanging out with some of the smartest, craziest, most passionate people in the world. Learning the freshest, most innovative ideas in the world of marketing and personal growth. Having the freedom to propose and execute even your most out-there ideas. Getting all the support and coaching you need to be your best. All in a fun and positive environment that respects you for who you are.

AIESEC Stories

Justyna started Mindvalley Poland and is now an entrepreneur with her own business.

Delphine, a project manager, was amazed by the learning opportunities Mindvalley has to offer.

Juan started his own business with support from Mindvalley and does $600,000 in sales in his first year.

Alexandra travels to some 10 countries while working, many of these trips were sponsored by Mindvalley.

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