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Mindvalley Premium Affiliate Program

Mindvalley offers only the hottest programs that wow and give value. As a website owner or blogger, you know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money and give real value to your readers. What really matters though is choosing the right product that resonates with your list. We understand and we’ve got you covered. Allow us to explain…

You want to work with a company that is at the pinnacle of their field. One that offers high quality products that truly have positive life impact, superior sign-up and tracking systems, proven mailing processes, outstanding customer service and a track record for launch conversion. Say hello to Mindvalley!

At Mindvalley, personal growth and spirituality is more than our niche. It’s our passion, raison d‘être, and what makes us proud of the work we do. The demand in this industry has mushroomed in the past decade, with no signs of slowing down and we’re here to meet this need. Personal growth is estimated to be a 70 billion dollar industry. In the US alone, about 17 billion dollars was invested in personal growth in 2008. We’ve got a big (and growing) share of this market, with more than 85,000 happy customers to date.

We value our affiliates and want them to rock their greatest lives, so we’ve designed an affiliate program that meets the seven key factors for your success.


The 7 things affiliates need (that we have. In spades.)


1. High-quality products only.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to be focused on high-quality products—because when you do this, you know your customers are going to buy from you over and over again. How do you define “high-quality”? With quality control mechanisms like the Ultimate Question.

This is how we create high-quality products for you. Every Mindvalley product, within a few months of its release, goes through a customer survey. We ask our customers what Fred Reichheld call the Ultimate Question: “On a scale of 1-to-10, how likely are you to recommend this product to your family, friends and neighbors?” Any product that scores less than 8 is scrapped because anything under that is not worth selling. So when you’re looking for a hot affiliate product, make sure the publisher you’re working with is asking the same question.

2. Robust and accurate sign-up and tracking systems.

We’ve got a sign-up process that’s simple and clear so you can begin earning commissions right away—without a bunch of hoop-jumping.

HasOffers logo

You’ll also get accurate stats on how your promotions are doing. The problem is most publishers use cheap, under-performing affiliate software. We’ve invested in the number one affiliate software, HasOffers, a software used by some of the largest firms. We made the investment because we want to make sure that you get the most robust, intelligent tracking system available, AND we make sure it’s easy for you to understand. If you’re one of our affiliates and you need help, Veena, our resident Affiliate Goddess, will help you anytime. She’ll guide and tutor you on how to use the system optimally so that you make more money.


3. High commissions on every product paid out on time.

You want to work with a company that offers optimal commission rates and room to expand, AND pays on time, everytime. As an established company with a track record of success Mindvalley is able to pay our affiliates 50%. You can count on your commission pay-outs on time, every month via PayPal. PLUS you’ll earn 50% on ALL other up-sells. But there’s more! As a high-earning affiliate, you deserve to be rewarded when you sell more than others, so when you’ve reached our Super Affiliate Level, you make an even higher percentage commissions off sales.


Finally, you want to secure your customer base for as long as you are an affiliate. At Mindvalley we’ve taken care of that with cookies that never expire. When a lead clicks a link with your Affiliate ID number, a cookie is placed on their computer to brand them as yours. Most publishers’ cookies last for one year and then expire, which means your original customers can be taken away by another affiliate. With Mindvalley, you’ll never have to worry about losing your customers in the future.

4. Wow! Stellar customer service that delights.

Mindvalley Library
Affiliates selling unreliable products have unreliable incomes. Without service, support and commitment, customers won’t be loyal nor will they get the best experience from your products. You want to be sure that the customers you refer will always be taken care of, no matter what problem arises. Here at Mindvalley, we’ve set a goal to create the best customer service in the personal growth industry. As a result, we’ve been innovating like crazy in terms of new customer experiences. Take for example the Mindvalley library. Every Mindvalley product is available through a single login into a digital bookshelf similar to

Every product has a dedicated customer support person, and our customer support team speaks 12 different languages. Our customer service team—in fact, the entire Mindvalley team—takes an Oath of Awesomeness that includes a commitment to turning customers into raving fans. What does this mean for you? A happy and reliable team that’s absolutely committed to upholding your customers’ satisfaction—and your dynamite reputation.


5. Great pre-launch and launch conversions.

You want to work with a company that knows how to launch in a big way. Wimpy launches means wimpy sales, and that’s just not our style at Mindvalley. All of our launches are carefully tested, refined, and are ensured to give your subscribers great value even during the pre-launch and launch. Our team of 20 marketers are some of the best minds in online marketing and we’ve launched some of the biggest programs in the personal growth industry including the Silva Life System, The Science of Getting Rich, Quantum Jumping and PhilosophersNotes.

6. Great pre-mailing pieces.

When you’re taking part in a launch, the most important thing for you is to maintain an active and engaged relationship with your list. How does this happen? You have to give them great content. For every one of our launches, we make sure you have amazingly hot content to send to your list. How hot? Consider this: FinerMinds™, our Mindvalley personal development blog, has rapidly become one of the top blogs in the industry, with 260,000 email subscribers and an active community. We know how to create good content that gets your list hooked.


7. Awesome prizes, too!

Awesomeness Fest
When you’re a top affiliate, you deserve some extra perks. Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard to build your lists and get those sales, so playing hard is your just reward. Every year our top five affiliates are invited to hang with us on an exotic island for a variety of events, including our yearly team retreat and Awesomeness Fest—a festive gathering of the world’s top marketers, personal growth authors and publishers for you to network and discover opportunities with.

Work with one of the world’s most high-impact and innovative publishing companies.

Got a spiritual/personal growth-oriented website or mailing list, and an awesome idea we can collaborate on? Then we’d LOVE to hear from you. Just shoot an email to our team, at, and let’s do something awesome together.